New Specialist OSHC Video

Offering such a unique service, Aspley Specialist OSHC were recently invited to take part in a personal development video.

With Aspley Specialist OSHC being a unique service offering support to young people and their families, Jenny (Inclusion Coordinator) and Casey (Service Coordinator) where invited to take part in the filming of a personal development video. It was directed toward other industry professionals wanting to expand their knowledge of inclusion and working around disability.

Early Years Connect (which the filming was for) is a professional development package, which has been designed to support Queensland educators working with complex additional needs.

Both Jenny and Casey where interviewed on a range of topics ranging from development of the service philosophy and governance to including all children, programming and individualised communication tools.

After the interviews, the visiting party took video of the young people plays, interacting the routine which the service offer to highlight ability to offer a high quality of care while still being an engaging and fun place to be.