Emily's Journey

Learn about Emily’s transformational journey from the YMCA Vocational School to University, and how she is now aspiring current studies to pursue their goals.

At a young age, Emily suffered from mental illness. Her mum found it devastating to watch the transformation of her happy daughter into someone whom she didn’t recognise. School was not a happy place for Emily and she soon withdrew only to spend two solitary years within the safety of her own home.

Emily stayed like this until her mother persuaded her to try the daunting prospect of school again - at the YMCA Vocational School. The transformation was slow at first, but the school was able to bring Emily to a point where she was happy and able to see a future for herself.

Emily now works full time as a receptionist at the YMCA Vocational School. She now undertakes studies in a Dual Bachelor degree of Science and Arts majoring in Psychology and Journalism, achieving distinctions on her assignments. The transformational journey of Emily provides confidence for other students who now also aspire towards a positive future.