Josh: Directing his future

From disengaged to a promising future in the automotive industry. Learn how Josh has taken responsibility to direct his own career success.

Josh is a student who started at the YMCA Vocational School in term two this year. While he has shown a huge amount of change since commencing, there was still some room for improvement.

Josh had shown that a classroom setting was not suited to him or his impulsive behavior and had requested to go out on work experience. With the support of his parents and our automotive trainer Josh has recently started a work placement at a local automotive business.

He has done so well with his placement that the business has offered him a school based traineeship for 2016. Josh has responded well to this and is looking forward to commencement early next year. Taking on this task and directing his own future, means that Josh has matured into a responsible young man who is taking greater accountability for his actions.